Named the best berry to rejuvenate the body


Названа лучшая ягода для омоложения организмаNamed the beneficial properties of the cherries.

They are different – red, yellow, pink. But it’s still delicious. Cherry is a favorite summer treat for many.

But few people know that this berry is not only delicious, but also medicinal.

Berries cherries contain vitamins a, C, b group, nicotinic acid as well as potassium, copper, zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, – said Vasily Demjanjuk, the doctor-phytotherapeutist. – All this makes it indispensable in the warm season – and she’s thirsty to get rid of and saturate the body with useful substances. Only two cups of berries a day will satisfy the daily requirement of vitamin and trace elements.

Besides, as in any red berry, black cherry lot of antioxidants (they suspend the ageing process and prevents the development of cancer diseases) and pectin (which displays the body of toxins and salts of heavy metals, improves liver function). So take advantage of the season of cherries for purification and rejuvenation of the body. And for those who suffer from constipation, cherry is simply necessary – it improves microflora kishechnika normalizes chair.

Cherries are especially useful for those who have anemia, because these berries contain a lot of iron. But since it is absorbed from the berries is worse than meat, I recommend to do the following: before the meat dish, eat a few berries to enhance the absorption of iron.

And cherry has certain biological substances that reduce blood clotting and prevent blood clots. Cherries are also good to eat high blood pressure – it normalizes blood pressure, cleanses blood vessels, reduces cholesterol in the blood. Sweet and useful in diseases of kidney, liver, gout, rheumatism, arthritis – a handful of cherries will improve the condition and ease the pain.


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