Named the best berries for the health of the respiratory system


Названы лучшие ягоды для здоровья дыхательной системы Scientists conducted a study involving hundreds of people.

Experts told about what berries are best to protect your lungs from damage and disease.

According to scientists, to strengthen the health of the organs of the respiratory system people should eat blueberries and grapes. The opinion of experts based on the results of the study with the participation of 463 people, the average age was 44 years.

At the beginning of the experiment, the volunteers checked the condition of the respiratory organs and analyzed inherent in the people especially food. After that, the health indicators of the subjects reexamined after 10 years. It turned out that the strong light could boast of fans of the berries.

“Blueberries and grapes help to strengthen the lung tissue and protect them from damages that arise as a result of inflammatory processes, often developing in connection with the infection,” the researchers noted.

Healing action of blueberries and grapes, the scientists attribute the high antioxidant substances are flavonoids, which protect cells from destructive to them of oxidative stress. Note that flavonoids are also rich in the fruits of black chokeberry, hawthorn, and red currant.


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