Named the best affordable car with automatic gearbox


Названы лучшие доступные авто с автоматической КП Ranking among city cars with an automatic transmission.

An ideal city car refers to a machine having a compact size for maneuvering in traffic, and automatic transmission.

Because experts have been prepared by the TOP of such vehicles.

First place in the Top conquered the small hatchback Ravon R2, which may be called the reworked Chevrolet Spark. The model was the location of the 1.2-liter power unit capacity of 85 horsepower and is equipped with a automatic transmission.

In 2nd place is the model LADA Granta, in the engine compartment which is placed a 1.6-liter 98-horsepower engine. He is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission AMT.

Closes the three leaders of Ravon Nexia underhood compartment which is a 1.5-liter 107-horsepower gasoline power unit.


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