Named sweets, which are healthy


Названы сладости, которые полезны для здоровьяMarketers are constantly trying to invent many artificial substitutes.

However, this does not reduce the harm of the product to consumer health. In fact, the dish can be make a sweet, natural and safe with the help of many natural alternatives to artificial sugar.


Honey remains the champion for nutrients. Best natural product for the sweet tooth nature is not yet invented. Honey contains 80% natural sugars, 18% water and 2% minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein.

Fructose and glucose make up 70% of the natural sugars of honey. Their balance determines how honey is transparent or not. Recall that the usual food sugar contains no nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. unlike sugar, honey also has antibacterial properties and is used as a natural medicine for over five thousand years.

Agave nectar

Agave is a wonderful plant, beautiful and useful at the same time. Her homeland — Mexico, but after the discovery of America, she got to Europe and now grows in the Mediterranean, cultivated in the parks of the black sea coast and the southern coast of Crimea.

Agave make a sweet syrup similar in consistency to honey. Agapovy juice almost transparent with a greenish tint. On the palate it is sweet with bitterness. It can be drunk as a refreshing drink or boil in the syrup. The syrup is about 1.5 times sweeter than sugar added. Agave is commonly used as a vegan alternative to honey because it is made from plants.

Silan (date honey)

Date honey or silan is a popular treat in North Africa and the middle East. Dates are a storehouse of trace elements, the nomads say that two dates a day can save a person from starvation in the wilderness.

Silane does not produce the bees – it’s just a thick syrup, boiled dates. The consistency and taste is like honey.

Read what the manufacturer writes on the packaging – sometimes the silane add artificial sugar to reduce the cost of goods.

Dried fruits

Dried fruit is a “candy” of any person adhering to a healthy lifestyle and health conscious.

Dates, prunes, figs, mango, raisins are used both for direct consumption and cooking various dishes.

Maple syrup

This syrup is made from SAP of sugar maple trees. It is very popular in North America. Used as a sweet or as an ingredient to meat and vegetable dishes. Maple syrup is low in calories. The only drawback in our country is rarely available in its natural form, without added sugar.

Cane molasses

Cane molasses is a by – product of sugar production from cane; bitter-sweet syrup of black color with a peculiar odor.

We have this product distributed in contrast to the United States and Canada. There cane molasses is used in cooking, as a syrup. This is one of the few sweeteners that are rich in minerals(especially calcium) and vitamins. Especially appreciate this product vegans.

Syrup from Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke or topinambour, unfortunately, not found in our country massive popularity. But this is one of the medicinal plants, it has long been used by healers and medics as a cure for many diseases. Jerusalem artichoke also makes a sweet syrup that can be added to food.

Thus it will be appreciated by those who are going to sit on a diet: a low glycemic index, it ranks second after stevia in the ranking of natural sweets. Natural Jerusalem artichoke syrup for a long time keeps all the minerals and vitamins of the plant.


Fruits contain a simple sugar called fructose along with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thus, changing the sugar in the fruits we consume are also useful for digestion of cellulose, which is not enough for modern people.

Fruits should be eaten along with the peel. It contains a lot of antioxidants. You can make fruit puree or mousse for every taste, using different combinations of fruit. For example, kiwi, bananas, apples and carrots.

Recall that scientists recommend to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.


Stevia is a natural Queen of sweets. Stevia contains no sugar and carbohydrates and has zero glycemic index which makes it attractive to dieters people.

In the 90-ies of the stevia was mainly known among experts of the food industry. But from 2008 to 2012, the world has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the consumption of stevia — just 400%. Manufacturers began to add it in drinks and other foods instead of sugar.

What you need to know, buying candies

Remember that natural sugar is highly caloric. This means that you can recover if you abuse natural sweets. Furthermore, it is important to check before purchasing the variety of natural syrups from Jerusalem artichoke,maple, etc.

Often manufacturers embark on a marketing ploy and placed on the label in larger font information about the naturalness and usefulness of its product. While the fine print says that the natural compounds in the product is 10%. Everything else is common added sugar. About the benefits of such food, however.


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