Named seven herbs for the prevention of lung diseases


Названы семь трав для профилактики заболеваний легкихThe benefits of herbs for the lungs told experts in the field of traditional medicine.

Sometimes doctors can hear a categorical ban on the use of folk remedies in the treatment of a disease. But if we are not talking about treatment, but about prevention, these methods have a right to life.

Our lungs are exposed daily to the negative influence of bad environment and Smoking both active and passive. Of course, the easiest way to take care of the lungs is to move to a clean area and avoid smokers. But for many, these methods are impossible for different reasons.

Therefore, it is appropriate to turn to folk medicine and use the expert advice in this area concerning the maintenance of lung health and prevention of various diseases.

These herbs can improve your lungs just after the first application:

1. Sage soothes the lining of the lungs, therefore this herb is great for those who smoke.

2. Plantain is an antibiotic for the respiratory system. It is used as a means of prevention, and as powerful medicines for the diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

3. The root of licorice is anti-inflammatory, promoting healing of the respiratory tract, including the lungs. Plus, licorice root has antioxidant properties and prevents premature aging of the lungs.

4. Eucalyptus — antioxidant, heals the respiratory tract in a matter of hours. The inhalation of the aroma of eucalyptus will quickly relieve nasal congestion and provoke expectorant effect.

5. Oregano reduces inflammation in the Airways and facilitates expectoration.

6. Mint helps to eliminate stagnation in the lungs and excrete pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances.

7. Thyme is rich in essential oils and is a powerful antibiotic that destroys bacteria. Prevents the formation of stagnant and inflammatory processes in the lung.

Using herbs daily for 1-2 weeks, you will free your lungs from toxins and other harmful substances. Finally able to breathe, as they say, full chest. It is desirable to carry out the procedure of improvement of lungs every 4 to 6 months, then any illness you have nothing to worry about. By the way, people with healthy lungs are much rarer in autumn and winter.


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