Named resorts with the cleanest water in the world


Названы курорты с самой чистой в мире водойTourists enjoy a unique experience.

Beach vacation a long-awaited and alluring. But so often it is disappointing – to get finally to the beach, and there, crowds and cloudy water.

But there are still on the map beautiful beaches, where water clarity is breathtaking – reports

Whether you want to dive or just spend hours gazing at the pond with the Paradise coast – this crystal clear water will fascinate you.

The top 10 such places on the planet got:

Primosten, Croatia
Saint George, Bermuda
Blue lake, New Zealand
Bodrum, Turkey
Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Calanques de Sormiou (Calanque de Sormiou), France
Beach Buck Buck, Borneo
The Island Of Cayo Coco, Cuba
The Cayos Of The Island Of Pigs, Honduras
The Aitutaki Atoll, cook Islands


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