Named resorts with the budget five-star hotels


Названы курорты с самыми бюджетными пятизвездочными отелямиHere cheap hotels.

Website to search for flights, hotels and car rental Skyscanner has analysed prices for 5 star hotels in 100 of the most popular cities and determined where you can enjoy a luxury vacation at the best price.

First and second places were taken by the famous resorts of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, overnight in a 5 star hotel which costs an average of $105 and $121, respectively. Three leaders closes the bustling and modern capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where a room in a luxurious hotel can be rented for $128.

Fourth place ranking is the capital of Bulgaria. Five-star double room in Sofia will cost travelers $131. Also in the top 10 destinations with the cheapest 5* hotels were Sharjah ($134), Krakow ($152), Larnaca ($153), Warsaw ($157) and Ho Chi Minh city ($159).

Also worthy of mention is Riga, which takes 15 place in the rating and offers the most affordable among the other cities of the post-Soviet space prices on five star hotels. The average per night in 5* hotel in the Latvian capital, guests pay $181.

With the highest prices for luxury accommodation among the 100 most popular destinations included in the rating, travelers will have to face in Los Angeles ($696), Milan ($795), Ibiza ($893), the Maldives ($943) and new York ($1 064).


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