Named products that strengthen memory


Названы продукты, которые способствуют укреплению памятиCertain products can prevent the appearance of memory problems

So says a scientist from the University of Helsinki satu Uvaarpa.

According to the scientist, the negative impact on the brain, for example, such factors as lack of vitamin B, excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking. In addition, the consumption of large amounts of low quality carbs and animal fats causes problems with memory.

Avacore indicates that an unbalanced diet with lots of fats make the cell membrane rigid, the ability of cells to transmit signals becomes worse, and the brain’s ability to process information is reduced.

But this can be prevented, because there are products that can reduce the risk of memory impairment. For example, this is facilitated by regular consumption of fish. It contains fatty acids omega-3, which increase the permeability of cell membrane and improve the signal transmission explains the scientist.

The risk of depression and memory problems, reduce the products contained in the so-called Mediterranean diet.

The diet includes:

olive oil,

a lot of plant foods,

whole grain products,




white meat

as well as a small amount of alcohol.

The scientist adds that it also helps and the so-called mind-diet that includes berries, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts. In addition, brain activity is positively affected by coffee, tea and cocoa, the expert adds.


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