Named products that prevent the risk of heart attacks


Most of the population of Ukraine is not enough in the diet of omega 3, or fish oil.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the Deputy Director of the Center for independent consumer expertise “Test” Nina Kilda, reports the with reference on Voice.

Most of the population of Ukraine is lacking in the diet of omega-3, roughly speaking, fish oil. His favor at the level of vitamins and minerals is difficult to overestimate, and this is especially important for children.

To compensate for the lack you can go two ways — there are plenty of fish (the most accessible will be mackerel, high in omega-3 and inexpensive) or to Supplement the diet with special preparations with the omega-3.

The most common source of omega-6 is safflower oil. The children have a great omega-3 essential for the formation of the nervous system and full development, and pregnant (leading role omega-3 plays in the process of formation of the brain of the unborn child), sick cardiovascular diseases, including all people with excess weight.

Use 2 times a week oily fish with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces the frequency and severity of cardiovascular diseases, reducing mortality by 30%.

Omega-3 helps to fight cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, impaired vision and nervous system, prematurity of the child, coronary heart disease, cancer of the breast, prostate, gastrointestinal tract, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease, depression, and aggressive States, children’s hyperactivity, schizophrenia.

Sources of omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids (g/100 g) are fish oil – 20-30 g; mackerel – 2.5 g; salmon – 1,8;

herring – 1,6; tuna – 1,6; pork – 0,7; mutton (leg) – 0,5; beef – 0,25. Omega-3 in plant sources like walnuts and Basilica.

The content of omega-3 in different fish and even from different parts of the fish varies. The greatest amount of fish oil cod liver oil is different, so is the most common source for its production. However, the contents of omega-3 in cod liver oil is somewhat less than for example, the meat of small oceanic fish.

“Proposals of fish oil in pharmacies quite a lot of different budgets, the main thing to understand what you need and here, without consulting a doctor can not do. In commercially available products sold as medicines and as food additives. We’ve tested 7 brands of fish oil (omega-3). In testing “participated№ SCHONEN “Smart omega Q10 Coenzyme”, Teva (fish oil), Doppel Herz active omega-3 vessels for the MIC (fish oil vitamins), Retail” omega-3 (fish oil) the oil of wheat seedlings, Harmony (fish oil from salmon), the Cause (fish oil). The highest content distinguished product “omega Smart” with coenzyme Q10. It fish oil rich in omega-3 to 56,59%. The second amount of omega-3 33,39% was fish oil Teva. Forth, but also with the standard content of omega-3, are “Retail” (the 28.85%) and Doppel Herz is active (27,01%). A lower content of omega-3 were observed in the Cause (23,62%), MIC (20,18%), and “Harmony” (19,61%)”, — said N. Kilda.

The consumer helpful to know which fish oil to go rancid very quickly and its smell is very unpleasant, so be careful when buying it. If, for example, the capsule is accidentally crushed or spilled the grease, for example, on carpet or clothing, you’ll need at least a prompt Laundry service.


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