Named products that can improve mood


Названы продукты, способные улучшить настроениеDoctors told how to use food to improve mood.

Experts say that by eating certain foods, it is possible to remove even deep depression.

The thing is that a person’s mood depends on what and how he eats. Probably all noticed, when you eat a favorite dish in the shower, you receive a feeling of satisfaction, euphoria. But not always the favorite foods considered healthy from the point of view of nutrition, so they can not get involved.

Nutritionists suggested what foods can lift your spirits, and you won’t overeat and to get better:

Dried fruit is a complete source of potassium and sodium that are involved in the transport of tryptophan to the brain centres, and, besides, sweet, what mood improves almost immediately.

Nuts – rich in tryptophan, caring mood, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and selenium. All components of nuts and seeds aimed at improvement of the body and deal with stress.

Bananas – one of only a color of this fruit suggests that it can help you improve your mood, not to mention a pleasant sweet taste. Few know that banana, contributes to the increased production of serotonin, that’s why man becomes happier after I eat it.

Green vegetables – is their need for fresh, as in this case, they contain the maximum amount of useful components. They are all fortified with folic acid, which is a powerful antidepressant.

Citrus fruits – juicy, bright, tasty fruits have a lot of vitamin C, and he, in turn, is involved in the synthesis of hormones, responsible for our mood and brain activity.

Honey is not only delicious sweet product, 100% sugar substitution, but also a natural antidepressant. Experts advise, in stressful situations, eat a teaspoon of flavored honey to help the body cope with stress.


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