This food strengthens the immune system


It’s time to strengthen the body.

The spring sun, despite the quarantine, beckons to the street. And though the days are getting warmer, to catch a cold due to improper clothing or contact with friends very easily, reports the with reference on Voice.

Nutritionist Ekaterina Skvortsova on the page in Instagram to your advises, what to eat, in order to strengthen the immunity and not get sick.

According to her, water is an indispensable product. After all, any process of detoxification (toxins) takes place only when there is sufficient fluid in the body.

“During the disease you need to increase the daily amount of water to 2-3l. and connect a bottle of mineral for maintaining electrolyte balance. For quality Galeotti (a bile – this is the toxins) is useful to drink warm water,” she stated.⠀
The use of so-called antibacterial products has not been canceled. These are onion, garlic, Bay leaf, cranberry, cranberries, ginger, coconut oil (unrefined), horseradish, mustard, aloe, celery.

It is necessary to include in the diet foods rich in zinc: pumpkin seeds, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, pine nuts. Brazil nut selenium of God – it is also useful to strengthen the immune system. The poppy seeds and brown sesame seeds rich in calcium, will help not to hurt. ⠀

Without fiber also can not escape. Vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits (1-2 pieces/day, because they have fructose and any sugar, especially in acute infections — an extra burden on the immune system), psyllium (psyllium husk), pectin.⠀
Vitamin C to saturate our body will be rose hips, currants, sea buckthorn, citrus, parsley, spinach, and broccoli.⠀
Immunity increase and fermented foods, which the leader is sauerkraut. It is not only the high content of vitamin C (provided that the cabbage was stored in brine, in a tightly closed jar in a dark place), but also beneficial bacteria for the intestinal microbiome. Also useful kimchi and other fermented vegetables (no vinegar).⠀
Spices and herbs will also be on the fight with disease. This is oregano, chili, cinnamon, Basil, anise, fennel, thyme, Pau d’arco (great antiviral agent), a sheet of black walnut, chamomile, St. John’s wort.⠀

Also increase immunity recommended: seaweed, spirulina, black radish, black cumin oil (affects the thymus, which is responsible for immunity). In addition, it is better to refuse coffee and tea in favor of herbal drinks, as well as Pro – and prebiotics.⠀


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