Named product that can cause cancer in women


Назван продукт, который может спровоцировать рак у женщинThis product significantly increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

A study of scientists from the University of Leeds (UK) has shown that women need to guard against frequent consumption of meat.

Often the advice for moderate consumption of meat sound to the men, but it turns out that meat increases the likelihood of developing cancer and women. The data obtained by researchers from Leeds, has published the International Journal of Cancer.

The women in the family where there are cases of cancer of the intestine, consumption of red meat should be kept to a strict minimum, scientists believe. This conclusion was made after analyzing the data obtained during 17 years of observations over 32 thousand women.

For the period of the study, 335 participants were diagnosed with cancer of the colon. Correlating features of the diet and health status of women, the authors concluded that frequently eating meat, the fair sex is harmful.

“In subjects who regularly ate red meat – beef, pork, lamb, – the risk of developing cancer of the lower parts of the colon were higher,” the scientists said in the journal.

Note that five years ago, researchers from Australia’s Deakin University found that if women exclude red meat from your diet or eat too little, they have a significantly increased risk of mental disorders. Red meat contains high level of nutrients, including fatty acids omega-3, just the amount should not exceed three to four servings a week, no bigger than a palm, then said the scientists.


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