Named occupations that can cause cancer


Названы профессии, которые могут спровоцировать ракFive of the most dangerous professions in terms of cancer.

After analyzing currently available data on the relationship between occupation and risk of cancer, a group of American scientists has compiled a list of the most hazardous types of work.

Many will be surprised, but this list includes the profession of manicurist. According to experts, in most of the salons formed a potentially toxic atmosphere in the all-day air get chemicals from varnishes, dyes, solvents and other products used in the beauty industry. Manicurist run a great risk of inhaling this “cocktail”, so to work with them, experts advise wearing masks. In addition, it is very important that the salons had proper ventilation.

Colleagues manicures barbers also run the risk of undermining your health because of the harmful effects of fumes from a diverse dyes, tools for hair styling and other products used for manipulation of the hair. Scientists say that with the action of certain types of hair dyes is associated an increased risk of developing breast cancer and bladder.

Professions associated with a permanent seat at the computer (for example, numerous business specialty) is another factor that increases the risk of cancer. This work condemns the person to physical inactivity, while research shows that spending most of the day in the sitting position, the person increases their risks of cancer at 20-30%. Experts strongly recommend to get up from my chair every half-hour and stretch.

Another unsafe professional industry – aviation. Flight attendants, flight attendants and aircraft pilots are exposed to solar radiation to a greater extent than the representatives of the worldly professions. According to currently available information, the “flying” of the profession are correlated with a high likelihood of cancer of the breast, uterus, digestive tract.

Work overnight shift also includes top most dangerous. The need to stay awake and work at night makes a major change in the biological rhythms of the person, almost completely destroying their natural and prescribed nature of the structure. All this is fraught with the development of many diseases and cancer is one of them.


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