Named model, Tesla is in demand in Ukraine


Названы модели Tesla, пользующиеся спросом в Украине On the Ukrainian roads there are many b/in Tesla, the American Assembly.

A Tesla will not be called cheap, but that hasn’t stopped our compatriots. On the roads of Ukraine is most often seen used “Tesla”, but new cars lately to buy more and more often.

What are the “Tesla” are most in demand:
Model S — the first car company Elon musk. Buy it beginners.
Model X — the model is in the trend. Crossover buying as those who already had the Model S, and those who have decided to try electric for the first time.
In Ukraine, many b/Tesla Model S the American-built, but to exploit them is difficult: they are charging, navigation, and optics meet American standards, which differ significantly from our own. Instead, it is better to buy the European “Eski” — they are much more convenient and can be fixed at either one HUNDRED of Europe.

Modification of Tesla 100D choose those who buy the car for yourself. This version has a better autonomy. But those who want to drive and resell the car, often buy P100D. This modification is more dynamic, but less Autonomous.


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