Named important tips for the vehicle in the cold


Названы важные советы по эксплуатации автомобиля на морозе The expert shared recommendations.

Running the engine in a strong frost it is still a challenge, especially if the battery is “their” ‘ve worked, and the car will not start for a few days. How to avoid such situations, said the famous avtoekspert Igor Morzharetto.

According to him, new cars have no such problems in principle – especially since the majority of cars on the Russian market are already adapted to our conditions and can easily withstand temperatures down to minus 30-40 degrees. Different situation with the “age” of the car, which, because of hypersensitivity to temperature extremes often create their owners really serious problems.

“If the machine is in good technical condition, it will not have any problems. The start-up of machines to minus 20-25 degrees – not a problem, especially with winter fuel. However, many of the cars on the Russian market are designed for temperatures to 30-40 below zero. Therefore, if a motorist takes care of the vehicle, and no problems”.

“If a car driver uses rarely need to once in a few days to warm up vehicle. Sometimes you need to give the motor to Wake up. If the vehicle is not immediately seized engine, it should be clearly understood that if a long turn, the battery will be planted. Then you will just be charged using the cigarette lighter”.

Also, the expert reminded about the basic rules of safety on winter roads, urging “thrill” to withdraw from the summer maneuvers, and “take it easy”.


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