Named funds that cannot be used for shaving


Experts explain why you should not use shampoo or soap in the shaving process.

Many girls use shaving shampoo, liquid soap or shower gel, reports the with reference to

This is for two reasons: first, the funds are always at hand in the bathroom, and secondly don’t need to spend money to purchase an additional one hygiene products that in the current environment is also important.

However, dermatologists argue that to shell out for buying a separate foam or shaving cream still need.

The fact that these products greatly reduce the level of frictions, the risk of cuts and irritation, while in shampoos and shower gels contain formulas that make the hairs more dense and difficult to shave.

In addition, the shampoo or the conditioner can clog the razor, which will have to conduct it over the skin more times that it is not only tedious, but harmful to the skin.


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