Named foods that can’t eat before bed


Before going to sleep Oh so drawn to the refrigerator? Nobody can forbid you to eat.

But perhaps our material give you the idea, what products should withdraw tonight. Published the list of the worst late-night snacking, writes the with reference to Toneto.

Sweet milk porridge

Of course, the milk porridge is very useful. However, there is one big downside to this product is sugar, which definitely added to the dish. Especially harmful is such before bed. Glucose is a source of energy, so don’t forget to consume it, but not tonight. If you really want sweet, use fruits — oranges, tangerines, kiwi, pineapple.

Fried foods

Fried carries significant risk. First, they often are cooked in the hot fat, creating a dish the extra calories, is a carcinogen. Secondly, it is starchy foods, respectively, you can go through the carbs. And third, it is often still protein foods. In the latter, by the way, there is nothing wrong, but only if they are not fried in fat.

Roasted at night very often want for the reason that the day you eat useful or on the contrary eat anyhow, so the body requires something very high in calories to make up for the balance. Ideally, you should eat as follows throughout the day, leaving for dinner, something light and not too greasy. So before bed you will not want to eat.

Meat products

Meat think just the evening food, however, is, it must no later than eight PM. The fact that the protein for a very long time to digest. It takes six hours or more (depending on metabolism). Steak, sausage, chicken — these products are not the best midnight snack, because you will not give rest to his stomach. And in the morning will feel overwhelmed and sleepy.


Chocolate is a sweet product which very often want to eat for some reason on the night. Before bedtime this should not be done, although and can give positive emotions. It is better to get a dose of adrenaline and positive emotions in other ways — sports, making love, watching beautiful movies, reading, massage, walking. All this is much better than chocolate.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods before bedtime promise problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as contribute to the formation of excess weight. After all, sharp will provoke the active work of the stomach for the whole night, so quiet sleep and rest can not see him. Don’t have to do with his body. Most often spicy foods I want because of the lack of enzymes for full digestion. If you notice this consistently, the best solution will be a visit to the doctor.

Bean products

These foods — beans, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils are very beneficial to the body. But are still not the best nighttime snack. Before bedtime they are best avoided due to the large amount of fiber, which will lead to bloating. In the end, the sleep will be accompanied by various problems.


Coffee in the morning is understandable product. But before bed it is not necessary to use. The fact is that excessive consumption of caffeine will affect my sleep. This is unlikely to get to sleep, so coffee should be abandoned at night.


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