Named five possible reasons for the appearance of a large belly


Названы пять возможных причин появления большого животаIt turns out, fold on the abdomen may grow not only because of overeating, she has a few other reasons.

About the causes of a big belly we talked with Irina Bogdanovna Zarembskaya – therapist of the highest category of clinic Into-Sana, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to TSN.

Talking about a man with a big belly, we will certainly present his hefty and fat. But this is not necessary. The reasons because of which a growing belly or seem too big in proportion to the rest of the body, at least five. Accordingly, to deal with this problem depending on the root cause should be different.

The most common reason to type the Apple.

Owners of such figures even under normal weight often think that their belly is too big, because fat deposits in the body are distributed unevenly, and deposited in the abdominal area. We’re talking about genetics and nothing can be done.

Tip: if there is a clear excess weight, the emphasis should be put on the General stabilization of the mass. In the future more effort not to waste reduction and the achievement of “perfect belly”, while increases in other parts of the body. So, if you swing the back and arms, the ratio becomes more harmonious. The diet should include foods rich in zinc and magnesium. It is boiled beef, veal liver, sesame seeds, walnuts, wheat germ, buckwheat and legumes.

The diastasis.

Under the complex word is hiding a very nasty problem – the rectus abdominal muscles usually due to pregnancy. But there may be other causes: untrained and weak abdominal muscles. If the family history of the disease, it is not excluded that it is indulged in by inheritance. Other signs of a diastasis is disproportionate with the rest of the figure, a large waist, about the effect of pregnancy due to bulging of the abdomen, pain in the back, had fallen out of the navel.

Tip: first reaction at diastasis – the desire to pump up the abdominal muscles. And this is what absolutely can not do! Moreover, the classical exercise of press disease will progress and worsen. Also you should exclude pushups and all the exercises that are performed in the emphasis on hands or elbows. However, there are a number of exercises that can improve the situation. Since a diastasis is a medical problem, then the only proper advice is the advice of a surgeon.

Distended stomach.

Typically, this problem occurs in people who managed to lose weight and for quite a short period of time. Although the pounds “gone”, the consequences can remain. This sagging skin and distended stomach.

Tip: it is necessary to minimize the amount of one-time meal, but increase the frequency. However, the interval between meals should be around 3-4 hours. And try to eliminate drinking during meals. Only half an hour before or after. Such a regime would contribute to the progressive, the natural reflex contraction of the walls of the stomach cavity.

Weak abdominal wall.

In addition to the aesthetic, there lies another problem: a weak abdominal wall of the abdomen can lead to hernia. If was diagnosed with a hernia, then it should be treated mandatory. Today’s methods and ways are many, they are all available, effective and relatively painless. The main thing – do not start the disease!

Tip: Strengthen the abdominal wall. Start going to the gym, choose the exercise to strengthen the abdominal wall. A similar complex will be able to tell as a coach in the gym, and you can get the necessary information from books or the Internet. It is not necessary to perform the exercises with greater tension, as it can lead to separation of the muscles and herniation. Multiple repetition of exercises will not result in the desired effect.

Weak obliques.

Even with perfectly pumped press may be a bulging belly. This is because the obliques are insufficiently trained and unable to hold the stomach in vtyanuta condition. Besides oblique abdominal muscles are responsible for the formation of a thin waist.

Tip: will only physical exercises. I am glad that obliques quite large in size and relatively easy exercise, but just as quickly relax when the exercises to throw. At first you should train at least 20 minutes, repeating each exercise 15-20 times in 3-4 approach. After some time, the training duration can be reduced to 5-7 minutes and just to keep in shape. Unfortunately, even people who are not suffering from overweight, face the problem of protruding belly. It is important to establish the cause, in order to find effective methods to eliminate it. Although sometimes you may need patience and perseverance. It is a toned bulging belly is worth it!


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