Named evidence of the wiretap


There are a few typical signs.

A wiretap can be done with different goals. For example, the decision of the court to listen to smartphone can intelligence agencies or law enforcement bodies, to illegal spying on mobile can resort individuals, business competitors or jealous spouses.

How to understand what your phone is tapped and what signs indicate this, says the with reference to Browser.

1. Extraneous application

The first thing to do if you think you have a wire, you need to check the list of installed applications, expert advice. If suddenly there will be those that you have not downloaded, it’s a bad sign.

2. Phone lives its own life

Another warning sign is the strange behavior of the phone when it self shuts down-turns, runs out quickly or overheating when it is not used. It says that the phone is tracking information about this program.

3. Extraneous sounds during a call

Pulsating beeps or other strange noises during a call may indicate the phone tap. In addition, even when you are calling about the spying on you can speak short electronic signals.

4. Problems at shutdown

Sometimes the phone is unresponsive off or his body can light up any indications even in the off state. This may be a sign of continuation of work of third party programs in the background.

5. Sounds noise

Sometimes during a call, if the phone is close to other devices, it may sound electromagnetic interference. This signal should not be heard when a mobile is not used.

You can check this by putting your phone next to the computer: if there is sound interference, this may indicate the transfer of data from your smartphone.


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