Named European countries with the cleanest water for swimming


Названы страны Европы с самой чистой водой для купанияStay here – one pleasure.

The European environment Agency (EEA) pleased beach lovers. As shown by their study, most European beaches meet the EU quality standards. And the clean – in Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta.

The Agency has reviewed water quality in the EU-28, Switzerland and Albania, and came to the conclusion that 85% of the bathing waters have excellent quality. And standards of the EU in 2017, consistent with 96% water.

The list of countries with the cleanest water entered Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Austria. In the EEA report it is reported that 95% of bathing areas in these countries have excellent quality of water, the remaining 5% is satisfactory. Clean water is also in resorts in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The greatest number of places with poor water quality in France, Italy and Spain. Also, many problem areas were detected in Estonia, Ireland and the UK.

According to experts EEA, the main sources of pollution – sewage and runoff from agricultural land. And make the problem worse by heavy rains.

At the same time, bathing in dirty water can cause a number of health problems.


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