Named effective ways to combat chronic fatigue


They really work.

Loss of energy, the absolute unwillingness to get out of bed, constant drowsiness — all consequences of the frantic pace of the big city and endless stress.

Overwork especially evident in the second half of the day, which has symptoms can be headaches, complete or partial loss of attention and even reduction of visual acuity. Alas, a working person with a similar problem faced quite often, it only remains to find feasible ways of combating severe condition.

We offer the following ways of dealing with persistent fatigue.

Give up coffee

Long and firmly entrenched in our minds the myth that coffee returns lost energy, relieves drowsiness and as a result improves performance, true only in part. Yes, indeed, caffeine helps to activate the brain and is able to improve overall body tone, but very briefly and in small quantities. The excess daily values are threatened by worsening of General condition. Why? It’s very simple: caffeine quickly removes moisture from our body, and dehydration is known to in turn can lead to fatigue. The fact that in the absence of the necessary amount of water in the body drops the blood pressure, slows blood circulation, which means that the body gets much less oxygen than is needed actually.

Don’t forget the snacks

At the first symptoms of extreme fatigue and General weakening of the body, treat yourself to a light refreshing snack. However, the issue menu should be approached with great responsibility. Should not eat sweet or oily, on the contrary, include in your diet bananas, or citrus fruits that contribute to the emergence of energy as well in this case, it will fit a salad with fresh greens and tomatoes, because tomatoes high content of amino acids working as well as any energy drink.

Take the Breakfast with all the responsibility

No wonder the Breakfast is almost the most important meal of the day, the Breakfast is designed to charge the body with energy and provide you a boost of forces in the required number of hours. The best option for you would be porridge and a slice of bread of coarse grinding, their magical effect on the body due to the large number of fiber, which is in excess present in both products. You can also add cereal to yogurt, cheese or a couple of oranges – citrus fruits have great toning properties. Besides, this nutrient, and most importantly a healthy Breakfast helps you keep in shape not only the brain but also the shape.

Don’t forget about lunch

Often, busy working, we forget about the daily food intake, delaying the seemingly unnecessary procedure at night, in fact, that’s lunch – key to your cheerful state for the rest of the day. You also need to think about dining menu: on your table should be foods rich in iron because its deficiency in the body is the main cause of rapid prealablement. So, for example, perfect beef liver, fish or eggs.

Ventilate the Cabinet

Enthralled with the performance of important tasks, we don’t notice how stuffy in our workspace, then when fresh air is one of the most essential factors when dealing with chronic fatigue. The fact that one of the major causes of fatigue, hypoxia, and simply put – a lack of oxygen. Try to open the window or the window even in cold weather, let the ventilation of the room will enter you into the habit. If you are afraid of cold, it is not necessary to keep the shutter open for too long, for its positive effect is only two or three minutes, because even in this short time the air in your office will have time to become fresh.

Plan your evening

After returning home from work are not anxious to proceed immediately to the domestic tasks, give yourself time to rest and better get to bed before midnight – in this case your body will remain all the chances to rest for the night and gather strength for the new working day. Also, try to get a humidifier. In winter due to running on full power the batteries, the air becomes so dry that it can harm the body, because excessive dryness provokes migraine, heaviness in the head and insomnia, and in the presence of the humidifier you will avoid not only unpleasant symptoms, but also from dry skin, which negatively affects the winter most of us.

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Fill your day with positive emotions

Before you go to sleep, think of the next day any event that you will be good. Make an appointment at the hairdresser, for a manicure or organize a trip to the store for a new dress. The fact is that, as psychologists say, expectations of pleasant events, make morning rise easy and almost painless, because the confidence that today you will not only routine, will significantly raise the mood.


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