Named effective ways of back pain


Названы эффективные способы от болей в спине Doctors suggested to eliminate pain in the back, but not to drink painkillers.

Very often, many people experience back pain, but not everyone is in a hurry to learn about the causes of this symptom.

The most common instigators of back pain are: excess weight, carrying heavy loads, uncomfortable shoes or too high heels, poor posture and lack of physical activity.

What to do to avoid back pain?

A regular exercise routine. The stronger will be the abdominal muscles and back, the better for you. Therefore, doctors advise every day to train your back with simple exercises in the gym or at home.

Straight back. Probably all the childhood heard repeatedly the same phrase: “keep your back straight!”. From your posture affects the health of the spine and therefore you should always stand, sit and walk with straight back.

To include in the diet foods fortified with vitamin K. to use for back and spine green leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach and other sources of vitamin K, said Japanese scientists. According to them, this vitamin improves the process of development of calcium in the bones, whereby is maintained the health of the spine.

The right pillow and mattress. It is impossible to prevent during sleep your neck or back was bent too much, because it is desirable to sleep on orthopedic pillows and mattresses, which replicate the anatomical contours of the body.

To exclude heavy load. To carry heavy bags every day is fraught with curvature of the spine, causing the back to ache constantly. If so, and you want to transfer bags from one place to another, you should evenly distribute the weight in the hands to reduce stress on the back.

Follow the doctor’s recommendations and your back won’t hurt.


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