Named drinks, normalizing blood pressure


Названы напитки, нормализующие артериальное давлениеThese drinks are especially useful for hypertensive patients.

According to experts, many people are not even aware that they have problems with blood pressure, not being armed with an appropriate tool.

Hypertension can cause blood vessels can not withstand the powerful flow of blood and burst, resulting in patients with hemorrhage occurs. To monitor the process, watching the diet, limiting salt intake, but there is a powerful drink that can monitor the performance of 110-130 / 70-80 mm Hg. tbsp., depending on age.

Research conducted by Queen Mary University, London, and funded by the British heart Foundation (BHF), include a study of medical data 64 volunteers who drank a Cup of beetroot juice a day. As it turned out, participants who consumed the drink 150 ml, had no signs of hypertension. The effect of induced high levels of nitrates, which in large quantities are contained in beets and other leafy green vegetables. It is noted that we are talking about freshly squeezed juice.

Pomegranate juice has long been associated with the regulation of blood pressure, was confirmed by the results of recent observations. The fruit acts as an ACE inhibitor which helps blood vessels relax and open up, lowering blood pressure.

Hibiscus tea, also copes well with the task. All thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the walls of blood vessels, improving their elasticity. The drink has a diuretic effect, removing excess fluid from the body and regulating the content of K and Na.


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