Named disease, which will explain the stop condition


Названы болезни, о которых расскажет состояние стопDisturbing symptoms.

Experts say that changes in the normal stop condition can indicate certain disturbances in the body and health problems.

On the feet: the skin is too dry. Dry skin on the feet that remains such even after using the cream, may indicate health problems of the thyroid gland. As its lack of function, and hyperactivity appear in excessive dryness of the skin, cracking and increased brittleness of nails.

On the feet: toes missing hair. This indicates a problem with the arteries, deterioration of its conductivity. Accordingly, the disruption of blood flow increases the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases.

On the feet: unhealed damage. Small sores, for example, because of the shoes rubs, and scratches that heal slowly – a sure sign that you need to check the blood sugar. At high glucose problems with blood circulation, which often suffer lower extremity.

On the feet: a thickening of the big toe joint. Swollen painful big toe… thus manifest as gout or arthritis. The aggravation of these diseases are caused by increased concentrations of uric acid that is often a consequence of dehydration.

On the feet: swollen fingers. If the toes look like swollen by water, it may indicate serious health problems – in particular, heart disease or lung cancer. The fingers become such in connection with the hampered blood flow to the small arteries leading to the fingernails and fingertips.

On the feet: red stripes under the nails. According to doctors, this symptom may indicate endocarditis, infection of the inner lining of the heart, which threatens the development of heart failure.


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