Named disease, in which the effective turmeric


Названы болезни, при которых эффективна куркумаA popular item in folk medicine.

One of the most popular spices and the main ingredient of curry, turmeric turns out to be the most useful product on the planet.

It has so many medicinal properties that was the reason of writing more than 6 thousand scientific articles. Adding this spice to rice or chicken, we do not even suspect that in the ranking of herbs she overtook even such “magic” foods like garlic, ginseng and ginger.

But that’s not all. Recently, scientists in one voice say that the addition of turmeric in food could save us a certain amount of money spent on drugs, spice is superior to the effectiveness of anticoagulants and painkillers. And there is even a very clear list of diseases that can be cured regular consumption of turmeric.


This problem is common in operated patients. Doctors usually prescribe ibuprofen or diclofenac, in order to prevent the blockage of blood vessels by blood clots. Some patients this approach may cause more harm than good. Side effects of drugs against thrombosis include headache, difficulty breathing, increased bleeding. But eating turmeric, which we can easily add to almost any hot dish can prevent thrombosis without any harm to health.


Western scientists have successfully tested a treatment of the symptoms of depression curcumin is the substance within turmeric giving it the distinctive color. After positive results in experiments with animals were carried out a unique study of the state 60 volunteers with a diagnosis of “depressive disorder”. They were divided into two groups – one received the drug prozac, the second – curcumin. The findings were clear: curcumin showed the same percentage of success as a patented cure for depression. But it was much safer for patients.


One of the most powerful effects of turmeric is its anti-inflammatory properties. In this it surpasses, according to recent studies, ibuprofen and aspirin. That is certainly, this information applies to everyone, because inflammation happens in most cases when we get sick. Aspirin have in any home first aid kit, so why in every home set of spices is still no turmeric?


The treatment of this disease stems directly from the previous point about inflammation. The fact that arthritis is just a consequence of various inflammatory processes. The study, which involved 45 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, demonstrated the benefits of curcumin in front of the diclofenac sodium. This drug is usually prescribed to reduce inflammation. However, it has put a strain on the heart.

Various forms of cancer

The cure for cancer has not yet been invented, and it would be blasphemous to give people false hope in saying that turmeric cures cancer. However, not to publish the results of recent research in this area would also be unfair. A number of laboratory experiments have proved that curcumin is able to exert an antitumor effect, in particular, it kills aggressive cells and prevents formation of new ones.

The best results are shown when exposed to breast cancer, small intestine, stomach, and skin. In another study curcumin was used along with chemotherapy. The results showed that the complex “curcumin+chemistry” gives better results than just the chemistry.


If there is the best natural solution for lowering blood sugar and insulin resistance, that turmeric, taken as ordinary spice along with food. Diabetes may weaken under her influence, and it was proved by the study of Auburn University. Spice is struggling not only with symptoms but also with the consequences of diabetes. The most common of these is blindness caused by damage to blood vessels. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin can delay this terrible manifestation.

Gastritis and stomach ulcers

People with gastric problems often cease to take medication because of the fact that the mucosa of the digestive system itself is in distress. Taking curcumin, many of the patients were able to withdraw from corticosteroids, appointed for the treatment of gastritis. So they improved the condition of the mucosa, impaired drugs.

Cardiovascular disease

Curcumin cures causes of cardiovascular diseases, in particular, accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels due to the fact that an excessive amount of sugar in the blood injure their walls. Struggling with diabetes, turmeric at the same time reduces the risks of heart disease. It reduces the intensity of oxidative processes and in combination with fish oil is a more effective drug than statins – the traditional medications for getting rid of the cholesterol.

Chronic pain

The ability of turmeric to relieve the pain the most widely studied. Only last year was published another study, which describes the activation of opioid systems in the organisms of rats with diabetes. In other words, the famous spice includes the natural system of pain relief that allows to take the drug for pain relief.


And not only her, but other diseases that are traditionally treated with steroids, turmeric can help to stop. In some cases, doctors have even refused treatment by means of pharmacological drugs and officially appoint patients curcumin. The main advantage with an equal therapeutic effect is the absence of any “side effects”.


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