Named brand threat to the health of the chicken


Названы марки опасного для здоровья куриного мяса

Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” examined the femur of broiler chickens and concluded that most of the samples studied are hazardous to health. This is stated in the results of the study, which came to edition”.ru”.

In General, the experts tested the products in six brands: “Troekurovo”, “Petrushka”, “the Rzhev compound”, Servilux, “Clear dawns” and “Every day”. Only chicken thighs latest brand is recognized by experts as safe for use.

As reported in the Roskontrol have chicken thighs brand “Troekurovo” all the signs of a stale product: the meat has a musty smell, sticky surface, whitish-yellow with a gray tint. The content of microorganisms in it 24 times higher than the maximum permissible value.

Have chicken thighs “Petrushka” and “the Rzhev compound” the content of microbes was higher, it is 30 times more than the allowable value. Moreover, the meat of the first mark in addition found bacteria groups, coliforms and meat second brand — Salmonella. All three brands included in the black list of the organization.

Elevated levels of microorganisms identified from chicken thighs brands Servilux and “yasnye Zori”, however, not in such high quantity. In this regard, these brands are included in the list of goods remarks. The specialists also checked the meat on the antibiotics, but did not find traces of drugs in any of the six samples tested. Signs of injection or processing of meat solutions is also not detected.


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