Named best places to travel in 2018


Названы лучшие места для путешествий в 2018 годуNational Geographic has named 21 unusual place in different parts of the world, which in 2018 is worth a visit for those looking for new experiences

In the first place at the top was the city of Harar in East Ethiopia.

Your choice of publishing explained a small amount of tourists in the city, the presence of 82 mosques, the best beer in Ethiopia, the strongest hut (common narcotic plant), as well as a high quality coffee.

Next on the list Jujuy, a province in the North-Western part of Argentina, on the border with Chile and Bolivia. National Geographic advises to visit this place, in particular, to adorn his page in Instagram pictures from the mountain Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of seven colors – ed.).

In third place is the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. Reason to visit sulfur baths, chubby khinkali, as well as the legendary hospitality of the locals.

NatGeo also advises about tourism in 2018 to visit Sydney (Australia), Oaxaca (Mexico), Vienna (Austria), the North shore of Oahu (Hawaii), malmö (Sweden), Jordan road, Dublin (Ireland), Madagascar, Santiago (Chile), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Cleveland, Ohio (USA), Tetouan (Morocco), seoraksan national Park (South Korea), Albania, San Antonio, Texas (USA), Labrador (Canada), Friesland (the Netherlands) and the Ruach national Park (Tanzania).


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