Named best of the way to make the face younger


Назван лучший из способ сделать лицо моложе It is important to know.

30 minutes of facial exercises a day can give the face a youthful and fresh look without any cosmetic procedures. A similar statement was made by doctors at northwestern University in Illinois.

To such conclusions researchers came after the experiment lasting 20 weeks. It was attended by women aged 40 to 65 years. Subjects were requested 32 exercises on facial expressions. Women trained for half an hour daily. At the beginning and at the end of the experiments taking their picture.

After that, third-party experts have estimated the age of the participants. In particular, on the first pictures the average age of respondents was 50.8 years, the last of 48.1 years.

Doctors plan to bring to their study a greater number of women to consolidate their data, writes RIA Novosti.

If the training system is expected to confirm its productivity, it will be the most simple and affordable way to prolong the youthfulness of the face.


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