Named as the first signs of iron deficiency


Against the background of iron deficiency there is a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, a person develops anemia.

In anemia the blood is depleted of oxygen, loss of hair, broken nails, pain in the chest and palpitations, reports the with reference to

Severe anemia can cause the body irreparable harm — it is therefore important to monitor the level of iron in the blood.

Experts told, what signs may indicate iron deficiency.

Fatigue. In case of iron deficiency and anemia developing severe fatigue can cause simple actions.

“Floaters” in eyes, dizziness. With a shortage of iron, which is manifested by low hemoglobin, the blood carries enough oxygen, causing the body experiences hypoxia (oxygen starvation). The symptoms of this condition often headache, flies in eyes, dizziness.

Shortness of breath. If the flow of blood oxygen the body tries to get it easy. The result can cause problems with breathing, feeling of shortage of air.

Pallor, cold extremities. Normally, when anemia associated with iron deficiency, you may notice not only pale, but the bruises under her eyes. In addition, the lack of reduction of iron affects the temperature of the blood, which is unable to heat the peripheral areas of the body.

Muscle pain and weakness. Deficiency of iron in the body means a lack of the muscle protein myoglobin that contains the iron. In this regard, reduced muscle tone and muscle aches occur even with mild loads. Also develops weakness of the muscle sphincter of the bladder may be phenomena such as nocturnal enuresis or incontinence of urine, feces (for example, when you laugh, cough, weight lifting).

Heart palpitations. Tachycardia in case of iron deficiency anemia occurs due to the fact that the heart is strained more, trying to pump more red blood cells that delivers oxygen to the tissues.


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