Named another unique property of chocolate


Названо еще одно уникальное свойство шоколадаScientists recommend eating chocolate tired people.

Few know that the feeling of chronic fatigue is invoked to a greater degree that the person really very tired, and the fact that his body is made negligibly small amount of the hormone serotonin, responsible for feelings of joy and happiness.

After complex in terms of the physical condition of the day the person takes sufficient rest and sleep as in the morning he will feel full of strength and energy. If his thyroid no longer in sufficient quantity to produce serotonin, the fatigue is not going anywhere.

What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue should appear immediately?

– lethargy;

– weakness in the body;

– reduced efficiency;

– constant drowsiness;

– apathy;

– unwillingness to do anything;

– a weak appetite or its total absence.

Dark chocolate – recovery from fatigue?

American scientists conducted a study and found out which product can help to cope with chronic fatigue.

Everyone knows that chocolate improves mood, because it improves the production of serotonin.

As it turned out, it was a bitter chocolate, but rather just 50 grams of this delicacy, capable of preventing physical and emotional exhaustion, and to help cope with fatigue.

To establish the production of serotonin in your body, people need to eat every day half tiles of dark chocolate for two months.


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