Named airports in the world with the best service


Названы аэропорты мира с лучшим сервисомHere you can eat well at reasonable prices.

The American company Reward Expert has studied the service to 15 airports worldwide. According to the survey, the rating of the air Harbor, where you can tasty and inexpensive meal.

The company Reward Expert, specializing in services to credit card users, try the food in the restaurants, airports around the world. Experts focused on three criteria: quality, price and variety.

The undisputed leader of the rating of the Narita international airport in Japan. He received the highest rating of 4.77 out of 5, and maximum scores for quality and price. At the airport, passengers can try the chicken skewer yakitori, all kinds of sushi, Udon noodles and pork tonkatsu. As experts noted, “in Narita you will enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine that will leave your tummy and your wallet satisfied”.

On the second place — Taoyuan airport in Taiwan with a rating of 4.10. Less diversity in the choice of cuisine — the only thing that kept this air Harbor lead. Passengers are advised to definitely try iced tea with balls of tapioca Chun Shui Tang.

Completes the three leaders of the Hong Kong international airport, gained 4.03 points. Reward Expert experts insist that here you will get good and affordable food regardless of where you decide to have lunch. The lowest score the airport received for the price.

The top 10 also included: the Changi airport in Singapore, Schiphol in Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Madrid-Barajas airport, Munich awagaman, Heathrow in London.

Airport Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris took the 13th position. This result was heavily influenced by its pricing policy, cafes and restaurants. Air harbour of El Prat in Barcelona was in 14th place. The experts noted the almost complete lack of diversity, as well as a minimum of national cuisine. On the last line of the top 15 — Fiumicino airport in Rome, where a very expensive restaurant with very limited menu.


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