Named a traffic ticket, which can easily appeal


Назван дорожный штраф, который можно легко обжаловать Under the Geneva Convention allowed, and yellow, and red turn signals.

In the United States permitted turn signals red and yellow colors, while in Ukraine – only yellow. And if earlier the Patrol police turned a blind eye to the mismatch signal to the norms in Ukraine now for this violation began to be fined. In the risk zone were car owners from the USA.

So, recently talked about the Tesla driver in Kiev, who was fined by the police. According to the motorist, his words that the car was registered, did not affect law enforcement officers.

According to lawyers, this penalty is unlawful. The fact is that under the Geneva Convention, which Ukraine has signed, permitted, and yellow, and red turn signals, this means that to ban red turn signals in Ukraine is simply impossible.

So, the penalty can be easily appealed.


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