Named a products with a high level of nutritional risk


They better be careful.

Specialists in life insurance, in addition to other threats to peaceful human existence, there are also risks of food — eating foods that can harm the body.

Raw fish and seafood

Foodborne illnesses are most often associated with eating it raw seafood. An interesting fact is that twenty years ago, fish and seafood did not cause indiscriminate poisoning. The fact is that global warming is significantly warmed the upper layers of the ocean. In warm water the germs begin to multiply much more active, which means raw seafood have become much more dangerous.

Pre-washed fruits and vegetables

If fruits or vegetables are washed before launch, think twice before you buy this product. Excess moisture during storage promotes rapid growth of bacteria that can cause a huge range of consequences. Vegetables should not be washed until the very moment of consumption — the only way to prevent the development of bacteria.

Wheat germ

The sprouted grains of wheat, which has become synonymous with healthy eating, responsible for the vast majority of intestinal diseases in the world. Despite the fact that sprouted wheat carries quite a lot of nutrients, it can also hide a huge number of harmful bacteria. Taking into account that the sprouted grains are eaten raw, the risk of disease in this case is particularly high.

Meat with blood

Meat with blood in the hands of inexperienced cooks become a potential poison, that would not say lovers of steaks. Rare rare only safe when tested meat, home fattening. In all other cases, it is better to fry a steak more thoroughly in order to avoid severe toxicity, which can result in death.

Raw eggs

Epidemics of salmonellosis is not a thing of the past — a chance to get food poisoning from raw eggs is not much lower today than fifty years ago. This means that no one is immune from outbreaks of infection of birds in any area of the world that birds will quickly go to the people.

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Raw milk and juice

Pasteurization a process that kills harmful bacteria, it is absolutely not affecting the nutritional value of foods. Supporters of the raw food diet does not agree with this, but pasteurization is not the highest price you can pay for the security of his body.


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