Named a new effective remedy for the common cold


Названо новое эффективное средство от насморкаAccording to the American pharmacists Echinacea can improve immune system.

Doctors say that prophylactic use of Echinacea will reduce the risk of a cold by 58% and treatment during illness will reduce the duration of the disease by half.

It is also established that in combination with vitamin C, the plant is able to reduce the risk of getting a cold by 86%. In addition, Echinacea acts positively when you cough and headache. Echinacea can withstand more than two hundred different viruses.

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Researchers have found new properties of medicinal plants Echinacea, which make it possible to use this folk remedy for an effective fight against cold.

In Europe, however, recognized the healing properties ehinaceia officially only in the past, the twentieth century, after which Echinacea is widespread in pharmacology. It is also useful for headaches. However, this should not alcohol tincture, just steep the Echinacea as a tea. Echinacea, according to the scientists, can deliver more than two hundred viruses.

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