“Naftogaz” has reached the assets of “Gazprom” in the Netherlands


"Нафтогаз" добрался до активов "Газпрома" в Нидерландах

The court arrested the Dutch assets of “Gazprom” to pay $2.6 billion to Naftogaz in the Stockholm arbitration claim, according to the website of the Ukrainian company. Prior to that, Naftogaz has started the procedure for the imposition of interim measures for the shares of project companies Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2. At the same time, Gazprom is trying to challenge the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in appellate judging, stating that the decision-making process “involved third party”.

The Stockholm arbitration court has satisfied the petition of “Naftogaz” about the arrest of shares of “Gazprom” in its Dutch subsidiaries and debt of those subsidiaries, stated in the message of the Ukrainian company. Petitions have been filed under the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court in late February. On it “Gazprom” obliged to pay “Naftogaz” $2,56 billion for underdelivery of volumes of gas transit. In the message “Naftogaz” noted that, despite the fact that the Dutch court granted these motions, six of the seven subsidiaries of “Gazprom” in the Netherlands refused to cooperate with the bailiffs. The Ukrainian company believes that this “will not affect the arrest”. The head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV declared that will use “all available legal means and tools to achieve implementation of the decision “Gazprom”.

Naftogaz has begun the procedure of collecting with “Gazprom” at the end of may. Swiss police officers visited the offices of Nord Stream AG (project company Nord stream) and 2 Nord Stream AG (“Nord stream-2”). Commercial Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko then reported that the interim measure is imposed on shares of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2, i.e. the Bank accounts of the companies, apparently, are not affected and operations can continue as normal.

While “Gazprom” has sent in court of appeals district, Svea statement about the abolition of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the payment of Naftogaz on transit contract. The company argued claims that the decision-making process of the Stockholm arbitration Tribunal awarded the payment of the fine, “intervened a third party” — “a significant part of the award was not written by the arbitrators and any other persons”. In “Gazprom” noted that the conclusion of the expert linguist about the authorship of the arbitral award on transit is “new evidence of serious violations of Swedish law and the arbitration rules of the chamber of Commerce of the city of Stockholm”, which gives grounds for a complete cancellation of the decision.


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