Mystery of the origin of life on Earth


Раскрыта тайна зарождения жизни на Земле Premerno 3, 9 billion years ago, the volcanoes that covered the planet was thrown into the atmosphere huge amounts of sulfur dioxide.

Researchers from MIT and Harvard have found that the sulphide anions formed by dissolution of volcanic sulfur in the waters of the young Earth, directly contributed to the emergence of the first forms of life.

The mystery of the origin of life is on the minds of many scientists around the world. And, while this mystery remains unsolved, a new study is trying to form a picture of what substances filled the atmosphere of the young Earth in those days, when the planet appeared the first forms of life — in the hope that it will slightly open the veil of secrecy.

Researchers from mit and Harvard focused on molecules known as sulfide anions. Sulfur is an essential element of life, because it is the basis of several critical amino acids. The term “anion” means that the sulfide molecules are negatively charged. They form substances like copper mineral chalcocite or the famous pyrite — “fool’s gold”.

As a result, the matter settled and gradually start to dissolve in water, forming sulfide anions. Scientists believe that they served as a powerful catalyst that accelerated the transformation of simple prebiotic molecules to the RNA major building block of organic life.

Sukrit the Ranjan, one of the authors of the study, notes that previously the science was unknown the level of sulphides in ancient bodies of water — but now, when these data appear, they are fundamentally changing the idea of a young Earth and should be considered when constructing models of the origin of life.


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