Mystery of Putin about the last wagon train, which should be the first


Загадка Путина про последний вагон поезда, который должен стать первым

To the last question is a “Straight line” that you need to do to the country made a breakthrough, Putin gave a convoluted answer.

First, the President recalled the challenges that were facing our country in the 30s and 50-ies, when it was threatened by external enemies.

Then, assured that “today, such a threat seems to be no, because security seems to be ensured, and at a distant, long-term”. And reminded that we have a huge territory, huge reserves of mineral raw materials, and people we have a very well trained and educated. But, warned Mr Putin, if we fall behind in its technological development, we can lag, and it will jeopardize our sovereignty.

Therefore, the President believes, we must not only jump into the last car of a departing train new technological order, and to be at the head of this train. Can we do that?

The President believes we can. If we work together. And if we manage to maximally liberate people.

However, even when the above-mentioned two conditions, remain a mystery word about how sprygnul in the last car of a departing train you can be in charge of this train?

But I think I know the solution to this problem. In fact, it is simple. Just need to percepiti locomotive from the first car to the last. That’s the whole focus.



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