Mysterious giants: in the cosmos discovered an unknown object


Загадочный гигант: в космосе обнаружен неизвестный объект Discovered the cosmic giant size more than 30 times that of Jupiter.

In the Central part of our galaxy scientists have discovered a mysterious space object resembling a planet. The opening belongs to astronomers from South Korea.

With the help of modern technology, scientists have managed to find a huge exoplanet that exceeds thirty times their own size of Jupiter. Such indicators have the dwarfs are brown, but the South Korean experts do not hasten to take him to this kind of space bodies because of its location.

Загадочный гигант: в космосе обнаружен неизвестный объект

It should be noted that this object is in bulge of the galaxy, where it will not be a brown dwarf, because it has basically the oldest stars, which appeared billions of years ago. In this region there are also located a black hole that can correlate with the weight of the discovered extrasolar planets, and perhaps even to absorb.

Загадочный гигант: в космосе обнаружен неизвестный объект

In the scientific world bilgem called a convex area of the galaxy, the center of lenticular and spiral galaxies, and in form resembling a ball. It can be filled with old stars, sometimes in the center is a supermassive black hole, the weight of which is correlated with the size of the bulge.

Previously, scientists have discovered an invisible black hole beyond Saturn, which absorbs the surrounding objects. It turns out that it may threaten our planet, if you get too close to this massive black hole.


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