Music was recognized as a tool to improve IQ level


Музыку признали средством для повышения уровня IQ Experiments have led scientists to unexpected results.

We offer you to watch an interesting video about the impact of music on people. Of course, this has a lot of things said, written and shown, but this material is not quite normal.

First, thanks to him, you will learn (or refresh your memory) of what constitutes music, as she, transformed, comes to our brain and what it performs. It’s safe to say that for many it will be a real discovery.

In the second place, it is interesting to know the following. During a “musical” experiment, three groups of people with the same IQ have created different conditions, making some 15 minutes of sitting in complete silence, while others relaxed with a nice melody, the sound of the sea and so on, and others, all the while listening to the music of Mozart.

During these last 15 minutes have increased your IQ by as much as 10 percent, at that time, as members of the first two groups showed no changes. However, the mental leap was not very long – not more than a half-hour, however… why, for example, before an exam listen to Mozart? Or before an important meeting?

Thirdly, good music turned out to be faster and better establishes the achievements in physical exercise, say, in sports, in working out some production techniques and so on. Moreover, in this case the obtained results do not disappear so quickly, and stored for a long period. But if you consistently reinforce them? Understand what amazing things can be achieved if you choose the right music for this…

And finally, good music just treats the us (the Mozart effect), but bad – injure. However, there are many conflicting opinions, and the science clearly says only one thing: classical music is the best medicine, and works by Mozart – is this some special place of honor.

Why? No one knows, but just remember that all the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu’s childhood was a stutter, if it really wanted to become an artist. Cured him one of the connoisseurs of music and its effects on humans. He gave Gerard to listen to Mozart every day for at least half an hour. And the future great actor get rid of stuttering forever.


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