Moscow risks losing the most important ally in Latin America


Москва рискует потерять важнейшего союзника в Латинской Америке

“Whither shall I go Brazil, go there and Latin America,” said at the time, the 37th US President Richard Nixon. This phrase is just to this day, and the decisive battle for Brazil is approaching and the US is trying to return this country to its sphere of influence. From the election of the President depends, whether we will bury the BRICS and celebrate his resurrection.

Brazil used to thousands of bustling festivities, no matter what the occasion – football, carnival, landing the President. Any excuse is good to take to the streets, demanding his and not listening to the demands of the opponent. This is to the Brazilian way of life.

In recent years, Brazilians rarely off the streets. Work once – the future is in danger! This convinced almost everything. The left and the right are convinced that their opponents are ready “to merge the country”, the only difference is who it is East or West.

From the Palace to the bench and back

A new bout of fighting began after former President Luiz inácio Lula da Silva (popularly – just Lula) surrendered and agreed to sit on the bench. It would seem that Vice is punished, corruption pinched tail, and at the same time settled with the future (October) the election of the President. The most popular candidate lost the right to run, for his nomination for the presidency right from the bullpen contrary to the provisions of the Constitution.

However, if Lula became the first (albeit former) President of the country has received real term of imprisonment, why wouldn’t he also become the first politician that has replaced the prison of the Palace of Planalto (official working residence of the President of Brazil). The more that replace Lulu on the benches have anyone, said the head of the famous meat company JBS Joseli Batista. Mogul gave an interview to the Brazilian magazine Epoca, which went through tough current leader of the country – Michele the Temer.

“Temer – the most dangerous criminal, – said Batista. – Allegations of corruption against him have multiplied, the number of calls for his resignation growing, but he strongly denies and will cling to power until the last. The real criminals sit in prison and in the Palace of Planalto. In this building live people who are not ashamed to ask for money for every swipe, every approving glance in your direction”.

Batista was the first who told the media that Temer extort money from businessmen – it was about a bribe in 500 thousand dollars. According to the newspaper O Globo, on the total amount received kickbacks incumbent Brazilian President is unlikely to yield to Lula. Tom counted 8 million dollars of corruption, evaluating them in 9.5 years of living behind bars.

The difference between Temer and Lula is that one is punished and the second is still on the waiting list.

In Brazil, allegations of corruption – the most reliable weapon in the fight against the enemy, because of the publication of data confirming that a particular politician is dishonest, is not required. The proceedings in detail and evidence is a long and tedious business, for campaigning electorate need something clear, simple and resonant.

Several months ago the attorney General of Brazil, Rodrigo Janot announced the initiation of proceedings on suspicion of corruption in Temer. The head of the country immediately made a televised address to the nation, which, as noted, the Latin American correspondent of the Spanish El País, Alfonso benítez, “explained that he is chair, but will not back down, as this will cause paralysis, which, in turn, will provoke the paralysis of the economy”.

“To flee from the battlefield even if the enemy there is a quantitative advantage, contrary to the President’s concepts of honor and dignity,” added Temer, noting that it “is a sacrificial figure in a never-ending series of political infamy, in which basic provisions of the Constitution thrown in the trash”.

For its part, the supporters of Lula’s offer to “throw away” and forbidden to run for President to persons serving a criminal sentence.

Why Brazil chaos

All this noisy propaganda discordance distract from the main thing: Brazil wreak havoc. Yes, the hands of Brazilians, but the strings are pulled from afar. The old principle of “divide and rule” has not been canceled, and the importance of Brazil to determine the course that will follow a large part of the continent.

With directions clear: either the country will submit to globalism, or retain independence. For Russia, India and China, this can be formulated as follows: from the election of the Brazilian President depends, whether we will bury the BRICS and celebrate his resurrection.

To great West in the United States, joined by Britain, France, Germany are preferred, of course, a funeral option.

It is clear that the last three countries in the “list of four” – waiting in the wings, their role in the process of “correct orientation of Brazil” will be raking dirt and bombast. Instead, awareness of its value and zero stakes in leading state-owned enterprises, which, as the present inhabitants of the Palace of Planalto, should be privatized (it is more correct to call this process the transfer of the Brazilian Eldorado in the property of foreign monopolies for a small pullback to persons temporarily lead the country).

For clarity, we give a short history of the reign of the last three presidents of Brazil.

Luiz inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2011). Undertook economic reform, how to ensure the welfare of the population. The number of poor in the country during his reign dropped to 60%. Focused state on the development of the national production.

Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) after Lula supported the course of the Eurasian integration of Brazil, prevented the capture of the Brazilian oil market, American companies ExxonMobil and Chevron.

Michel Temer (since August 2016-present). Held reforms, which declared the reduction of excessive expenditures. The result is most accurately described by saying of the late Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin: “Wanted as better, and it turned out as always”. The rights of employers were expanded, trade Union rights are narrow. The budget deficit grew from 44 billion to 50.4 billion dollars in 2017. The President can lower the unemployment rate in the country (from 13.7 to 13.4 million), not forgetting to accuse the predecessor of the deterioration of the economic situation in the state, tactfully omitting that in the reign of Rousseff crisis raged not on the scale of Brazil, and was a worldwide phenomenon.

Finally, in September 2016 Temer announced the beginning of the privatization process “to reduce the role of the state in the economy”. In the list of privatized enterprises, 57 of the largest state companies, including Mint and strategic airports. The position of the Brazilian leader received the approval of “big brother” during the meeting, Michel Temer and Donald trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg.

It is clear that support for the incumbent President of Brazil Washington, USA desired “authorized representative” on top of the power of the leading Latin American States to get their hands on the wealth of the country. “The envoy” we have to keep struggling, because of the already low rating of Temer (in September 2016, the President confided in only 8% of the population) currently tends to zero (in July 2017, the trust level fell to 2%).

Either trump, or Pinochet

Sending Lula to jail today (technically left, but reoriented to the right), the government tries to ensure his stay in the Palace of the Planalto after the October elections. The aggravation of political struggle and polarization of Brazilian society puppeteers from North America only on hand – feud distracts the attention of participants in the battle against external threats, i.e. the privatization of the whole of Brazil by the United States.

Chaos implanted from abroad, driven, he has a specific purpose. Nobody will be surprised if in a couple of months before the election will start active PR-campaign in support of Temer, is a modern spin doctors can turn large masses of the electorate to the customer in the right direction. For weakened by internal contradictions of Brazil is especially important.

And yet the promotion of Temer appear to be an unlikely move. Much more logical to send him on a holiday. It is not excluded that in the footsteps of Lula: the moor has done his job.

In this case, the bet may be made on the policy the ultra-right-wing Jaire Bolsonaro. This supporter of “hard hands” like to justify the military dictatorship that existed in Brazil in 1964-1985. Some media call it “Brazilian tramp”, emphasizing the surprise of its decisions and the shocking impact that have on the public with his utterances.

Perhaps it is more correct to consider it a second trump (entrepreneurial experience Bolsonaro not so much), and the second Pinochet. The benefit of a former paratrooper in Air policy prefers to think and act on the military-tough, direct, uncompromising and ruthlessly.

Focused on interaction with the United States Bolsonaro to landing took Lula in the opinion polls the second place. Conceded twice (17% versus 34% in Lula’s), but now before it opened all the way.


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