Moscow officials refuse to admit a disabled child without an eye


Московские чиновники отказываются признавать инвалидом ребенка без глаза

“That will do, the girl is beautiful will survive”

Moscow officials refuse to admit a disabled child without an eye

With a girl who was born with one eye, the Moscow officials have removed the disability. They considered that the child may live comfortably with such a diagnosis. Family lost benefits, the right to free prosthetic eye.

According to “NTV”, the inhabitant of the capital, Victoria Trofimova requires the return of disabilities daughter Julia. She was born with one eye. In four months the child was installed the first prosthesis, and in three years somehow removed the disability. If earlier it was enough getting the diagnosis, then 2015 is estimated the presence and severity of functional disorders. Disability can take, for example, if the patient’s condition improved with treatment. But the child with one eye, it is unlikely that anything will change for the better, says the girl’s mother Victoria.

In addition, Yulia Trofimova developmental delay and a lot of comorbidities. She needs to change the prosthesis as growth twice a year. Because of the pain in the legs the child is in constant need of orthopedic shoes. Money is the mother not taking into account the alimony and allowances to low-income families family income of about 12 thousand rubles a month. Victoria Trofimova can’t work because her daughter is often sick.

“We went on mediko-social examination with the eye without the prosthesis. They saw the child in that condition, they said, well, what can you do, the girl is beautiful — will survive,” says Viktoria Trofimova.

Complaints to the Prosecutor’s office does not help, as they descend to the organization, which complain about. Mills was forced to go to court to prove that her daughter should return the disability.


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