Moscow authorities have called the repair of the asphalt in the middle of winter “special technology”


Власти Москвы назвали ремонт асфальта в разгар зимы "специальной технологией"

Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov called on Muscovites to “fear not” repair the pits in the winter and not to criticize the workers who “came in the rainy weather.” “This is a special technology. We in the city all year round, there are four works which deal with the elaboration of the cast mix,” he said in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Biryukov explained that the workers “cut down damaged coating on the repair order and placed in the molten asphalt”, which “well kept” until the summer, when it starts the main repair. According to the Deputy mayor, the molten asphalt is suitable for winter, because “in the heat melts”. This year in capital it is planned to repair about 2 thousand objects is 17 million square meters of roads.

The head of housing said that this summer in the center of Moscow will be “comfortable to walk”, as in the period of the world Cup – from early June to mid July to work on the improvement will not. At the same time, “there are some places where at the request of residents will be a little work, I added unsociable persons.

This is a Great spasoglinischevsky lane and the adjoining street of 1905 and objects in Zamoskvorechye. “As for the major territories, including in other districts, in addition to Central, we went to the Muscovites through the portal “Active citizen”, waiting for suggestions. After that, projects will be developed and implemented either in 2018 or in 2019,” – said the Deputy mayor.


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