More than a million people came to the rally in Barcelona


Более миллиона человек вышли на митинг в БарселонеLocals want to be freed from the bureaucratic moments of the Spanish crown.

In Barcelona, hundreds of thousands of people demanding the independence of Catalonia.

Today on the occasion of the National day of Catalonia protesters flooded the Central streets of the city. People were holding the so-called Escalado is the unofficial flag of the Catalan lands.

Thus they expressed support for a referendum on independence for the region. The local authorities decided to hold a plebiscite on 1 October. But against these plans categorically rejected Madrid.

According to law enforcement authorities of Barcelona, the demonstration was attended by about one million people. This demonstration makes it one of the largest shares in the last few years.

However, the organizers reported that before the action the intention to take part in the action said about 400 thousand people.


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