More scams than pensions in Russia: its background MMM – Swiss Bank


Большей аферы, чем пенсия, в России нет: на её фоне МММ – швейцарский банк

The EP is death, not to give citizens their own earned money. To such conclusion the representative of Yakutia in the state Duma Fedot Tumusov (“Fair Russia”). The cause of his indignation was the fact that the state Duma did not consider the bill authorizing the inheritance of pensions.

“What our faction? Prescribe the possibility of inheritance of pension. Why? Imagine a very typical situation. The person all life worked and paid insurance contributions future pension. But died before this date. Or even after, but having lived very little. Now tell me: who will get his pension? Her state is simply assigned, although on that money is irrelevant. It’s not their money, but it will take them. Is it fair? No.”

Tumusov believes that it is necessary to provide for the possibility to bequeath the money that person earned over their working lives:

“No matter whether these are of money in his Bank account, Pension Fund or under the pillow. It’s his money. It’s our money, not the state and certainly not the “United Russia”.

I remind you that our pension is not guaranteed virtually nothing. At any moment the state can change the law to reduce the value of pension points, to raise the retirement age, freeze pension savings. More fraudulent Scam than a pension in Russia, even MMM its background seems to be a Swiss Bank.”

According to the MP, the party “United Russia” and the government initiative to give people the right to inherit pensions are not supported and they “all words about the fight against poverty continue to brazenly and unscrupulously to take away the savings of citizens of Russia”.

“The bill we prescribe a guaranteed period of payment of pensions based on life expectancy. So we oblige the government to be accurate in their calculations, and not to take numbers from the ceiling. Now the “expected duration” is suitable only for a nice statistics – and we do it real economic indicator.

The due date of the payment of inherited pension – the same expectancy plus 5 years. Simple plug: or let the officials admit that they failed the decree of the President about increase of life expectancy – or let them pay. But of course, neither one nor the other, they are not ready”.

Tumusov also believes that the proposed bill measure would mitigate the harm caused to pension reform:

“But the mere fact that the party in power refuses to discuss the idea of threshold suggests that the harm was the main goal of this reform”.

Previously to reject the initiative, which says Tumusov, recommended the Duma Committee for labor and social policy. His decision he based on the position of the constitutional court.


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