In the night from 15 to 16 November, finally the snow fell — good soft porosa on dry land and dry, sometimes very high (the weeds) grass. On the black path to find the hare failed, but grandnephew rusack and blacka slotopol has zapreval.

Powder the first day, Monday, to go to waste, and not only to me, because “porosa dead” — neither seledochka, only in a few places the footprints of the foxes.
Tuesday I found two of Rusakov from forest to field: in the footsteps seem young, but to the rest in the forest, they never came back, as expected, the warming and, therefore, fall Kukhta with trees and shrubs.

Apparently lay somewhere in the field, in the grass. To unravel the nightly adventures of the rabbits in the spacious fields thankless task, especially at my age, and Malikov morning with twos and discounts not found.

Later in the morning were found leading from the field into the woods the tracks of a herd of elks (three adults and one young of the year). It reminded me of one event on the same corner of the forest about half a century ago. Then I went to parents weekend in late October. Saturday went to Golovskoi swamp, on the doublet (then I had a gun IZH-12) produced three krakovich ducks. The flock was in eight pieces, but for some reason only ducks no drakes, clearly not local — density carcass, with short necks.

The next morning I wanted to repeat the success, but heavenly office decreed otherwise: during the night there arose a storm, by morning, the snow is ankle-deep, and at dawn had lasted flakes and the wind. The ducks are no longer themselves, and to them seven miles in this weather did not want to go, but don’t want to waste a weekend day…

I decided to go for the hare far — go around along with winter overgrown ditches and the edge of the forest. In this weather the hares, of course, don’t get up, but suddenly “it will come”. The mother’s remark that “in such weather the good owner and the dog from the house will not be released”, didn’t stop me. Went to meet snow and wind for about two miles, and here is the correct field where you see a herd of horses heads in ten. Mentally berated the groom for the sloppiness (then farms horses still existed) that they are not in the stable, but at this point he saw that it was moose. I was caked with oncoming snow, but they also noticed me and rushed to a nearby forest.

I went there because I was going to stomp the bushes along the edge of the forest. I walked a few bushes and then see rutting rabbit trail. Where did he come from? Went a little “heel”, found a “hot maturation”, and a few meters from it the traces of past elks. So oblique they raised, not me, so hare far to go should not, and the weather isn’t for walking. Waited fifteen minutes and went on the trail, pulled in the direction of the next group of bushes. After the second or third Bush hare jumped out in the direction of a small gap between the bushes, I sent the charge of the “Troika”, and going to the bushes, found the trace output.

Shot as if sighting, so the trail must pass. Rightly so, because soon the fresh snow came a drop of blood. Again waiting to slanting oblilsya, and when he continued to follow the trail, he discovered that the rabbit slowed noticeably, and from under the first Bush he almost went on foot and soon became my trophy. It happened thanks to the help of the elks, for which I was grateful — a good paddock. On this hunt was done, because with you I had no backpack, as the hike was no hope of a trophy.
Back a couple of miles I came quickly, helped a fair wind and a good mood. Although a large Rusak hand pulled.

I remember another similar case. Time — the middle of winter, the place is five miles from what is described above. The weather was frosty, so I decided to go to look for grouse in the hole. The grouse were a normal game, managed to shoot even one kilometer from the village. They are usually in the evening, pokorivshii on the birches, falling in the snow when it is deep, burrowing to the ground. In the morning fly out to feed on birch, when the sun slightly warms the air. So your hunting areas need to be up at dawn to run along the edges of birch forests, well, if there priblizhennyi shrub. In suitable locations need to be ready to close a “burst” of snow, the fluttering of wings and target shooting. Well, if you see in advance a slight depression in the snow on the spot has buried in it a grouse, but it happens very rarely. Usually snow covers the recess.

And here I am in one this morning passed along a suitable edge and instead of the black cocks began to raise elk. Moose ran along birches, and a few seconds later I hear the flapping of wings, and out of the bushes at me palustrine out two cocks at intervals of ten meters and at close distance. The doublet was spotless. One Kosach had, however, to crawl through the bushes, not to break with a few of steps, but soatome for a good pen was sent in pursuit gratitude.

Then I looked at the place of accommodation grouse, a flock was about ten Grand. The rest scattered in other directions, some of them may already after shots.

Now grouse has become much smaller, they are kept in remote places, and in their vouchers enter: need separate permission, and even then not all give their hunting grounds.
For those hunters who will be in the places where such hunting is allowed, I will give some advice. Grouse fly from the wells close, sometimes right from under the ski, “zabryzgivaya” arrow snow. So no need to hurry, you need to take yourself in hand, to consider the purpose, preferably a cock, and only then to make a shot.

Once in my youth, I in mild weather, made three hasty doublet with an interval of a few seconds, and all in white light as a penny. In mild weather, the birds sitting in the snow very hard, as the skis go quietly, so you can shoot several birds in one night, because after the first shot fly is not all, you can do a few more steps.
In conclusion, wish the hunters good luck and not only on grouse hunts.


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