Moody’s was encouraged. Russian banks can withstand the pressure of sanctions


Moody's обнадежило. Российские банки выдержат давление санкций

Russian banks are able to cope with the negative consequences of Western sanctions. This conclusion is contained in the review of the international rating Agency Moody’s.

According to experts, the overall level of risk associated with came under the restrictive measures companies are less than two percent of assets or less than 15% of the capital of the banking system. In addition, the latter has sufficient liquidity, if necessary, to ensure the refinancing of the corporate sector.

Moody’s notes: the increased oil prices will help the government to continue restoring fiscal reserves. According to the authors of the review, to cope with the sanctions will also help the strong external economic position and the financial system of Russia, reports “Russia 24”.

Earlier, another international Agency Fitch also said that the Russian banks are capable to resist the sanctions.


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