Monitoring of the arch structure of the bridge Crimea confirmed the correctness of its installation


Engineers carried out the monitoring confirmed the correctness of installation of a railway arch bridge across the Kerch Strait. This was announced by Director General of the research Institute of diagnostics Svetlana Bokhanov.

“Moving and installing the superstructure on the supports was monitored with strain gauges and other devices. More than 100 devices which monitor possible deformation of the structures were placed on the ark and the Seine estuary supports. Of exceeding the design parameters of the stresses and strains are recorded”, — quotes its words “Criminals”.

Bokhanov noted that the Seine estuary and arched supports the superstructure they now work as a design.

It is noted that the experience gained during the organization of this monitoring will be used in the construction of other objects.

Earlier it was reported that the builders have completed work on the installation in the design position of the railway arches the Crimean bridge.

On 29 August under the arch of the bridge was the first ship after the resumption of navigation in the Kerch Strait.





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