Monica Bellucci first told about her boyfriend


The actress is not easy going through a divorce.

Actress Monica Bellucci has long been not pining over ex-husband Vincent Cassel, because enjoying a new romantic relationship. According to star, she is very happy with her boyfriend.

As you know, in late August, Vincent Cassel married half his age model Tina Kunaki. According to photos of models, he is not pining for ex-wife Monica Bellucci, with whom he lived in married 18 years.

In an interview with Italian star admitted that for a long time moved away from the gap, however, a radical decision was right for her. After the divorce, Monica Bellucci “found freedom” and began life anew. In addition, she began a relationship with another man, with whom she feels happy.

I have long been Dating the same man, and all is well. Whether it is normal? I do not know. I don’t live by the rules. How can you demand from another person that she can’t give him? This man has a very different work, but for her, he got to travel a lot around the world. That is why he perfectly understands me and shares my lifestyle. I am very happy,– frankly confessed Monica Bellucci.

It is worth noting that such news the star shared during an interview with a journalist of Paris Match. A media representative asked Monica Bellucci, as you are shooting the new season of “Ten percent”. At the same time, the journalist could not resist the question about his personal life, which unexpectedly received a Frank answer.

Until that time, Monica Bellucci carefully concealed a new novel. The star also shared the secret of her happiness: she is convinced that a woman must embody a common love, to be able to give and to demand nothing from her husband.

Monica Bellucci not only gave an exclusive interview, but also starred in a photo shoot for the gloss. In front of the camera, the actress posed in a red dress with a large neckline.


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