Money Firtash could be “laundered” by the U.S. government


Деньги Фирташа могли быть "отмыты" правительством СШАIn the course of its investigation, the journalists managed to find a few interesting points.

In 2008, the oligarch Dmitry Firtash invested in the company the former head of the election campaign trump Paul Manafort CMZ Ventures $25 million. it is reported Bloomberg, citing court records.

The construction project, in which they invested money, not start, and the company closed in 2009.
Firtash’s attorney Dan Webb says he never transferred the money Manafort or anyone else from the sphere of the construction business in the United States.

The lawsuit, which claimed that the firm CMZ money launderers, filed in particular, Yulia Tymoshenko.

It is also noted that the former son-in-law Manafort Jeffrey Yohai is under investigation, the FBI suspects him of involvement in the organization of a financial pyramid.

Manafort became the campaign Manager of the trump in June 2016, but was forced to resign two months later amid reports about his business dealings with former Ukrainian dictator Viktor Yanukovych.

Firtash is accused of conspiracy to pay at least $18 million in bribes to mine titanium in India and sell it to a Chicago company.


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