Moldova may withdraw from the CIS


Молдова может выйти из СНГ

In Parliament of Moldova registered a draft resolution on the country’s withdrawal from the CIS. The authors of the project on denunciation of the agreement establishing the Commonwealth of independent States was made by the deputies from the Liberal party.

As noted in the document, Russia “repeatedly violated” the agreement on creation of the CIS, which was manifested in “support of the separatist regime in Transnistria”, “the military aggression against the Republic of Moldova in 1992”, “occupation and annexation of the territory of sovereign Ukraine”.

“Membership in the CIS has not brought Moldova, nothing, all decisions in this organization are exclusively in the interests of Russia”, – quotes the media the explanatory note to the project.

The authors also note that the first democratic Parliament of Moldova (1990-1994) rejected the country’s entry into the Commonwealth.

“Given that the Russian Federation does not comply with the provisions of the agreement on creation of the CIS, and the Republic of Moldova is committed to the EU, we consider it necessary to denounce the agreement on creation of the CIS”, – say the deputies in the document.

Moldovan President Igor Dodon, known for his Pro-Russian rhetoric, in an interview to local TV said the initiative of the liberals “risky project”, which, according to him, will affect 600 thousand citizens of Moldova staying in the CIS.

According to Dodon, if Parliament adopts this decision, the procedure of withdrawal from the Commonwealth will take a year, until scheduled for autumn 2018 parliamentary elections to withdraw from the CIS Moldova will not have time. “And after the election it will not work”, – said the President.

Moldova, unlike Ukraine, is a full-fledged member of the CIS, as it ratified the Charter of the Commonwealth (in 1994).

Ukraine first declared its intention to withdraw from the CIS, where it is one of the founders and the state party, but not a member in 2014, after the Russian occupation of Crimea and the beginning of Russian aggression in the Donbas. However, the procedure of withdrawal from the Union formally launched was not.

In October 2016, foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said that Ukraine is studying the possibility of withdrawing from the CIS. In the Ministry stressed that Ukraine’s cooperation within the Commonwealth “minimized”: the country came out of several multilateral agreements and has suspended the membership in many bodies of sectoral cooperation.


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